120 Hour TESOL Course (Semi-Online)

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It is a combination of both theory + practice. The difference between the SEMI and PRACTICAL course option is that SEMI is aimed for those who are busy but want to have the teaching practice and preparation regarding the practical part of the course. As for the theoretical part, the candidates will be sent assignments online and they will work with an instructor who will explain the program and guide them through the theory and answer on questions. Each candidate will be provided with an instructor who has a task to fully prepare and work with the candidate and make sure that he/she understands the program completely. After the completion of the theoretical part of the course, the candidate agrees on dates that are suitable for him/her and visits our institute to complete the second part, teaching practice. Here, the candidate will be trained to prepare professional lesson plans, to get day to day feedback and work on building his/her own professional teaching style and phylosophy as well work on his/her portfolio. After the completion of the teaching practice component, the candidate will have a chance to apply at various schools to get a job. Our team supports those candidates who want to get an immediate job or leave the option for later, as some candidates want to go back home and take some time to decide.


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